Free Steam Wallet Codes in Numbers or Interesting Statistics on Steam

Discover Amazing Steam Atatistics!

A Steam is very popular, but do you really know how popular it is? We will take a quick look into statistics, such as number of downloads, most popular games, number of users and much more! You will be astonished with those numbers for sure!

Millions of players!

You can find interesting info about users and number of downloads directly on Steam. At the time of writing this article the total number of Steam users that logged on the platform in last 24 hours was 11,622,352! That is astonishing! Almost twelve million users played steam games in just one day! It is sure pointer that Steam is the most popular gaming portal with strong community and fan base. Feedback from community is very important and it seems that developers are always relying on their opinion; direction that made this platform so popular.

Most popular games on Steam

It will be very interesting to take a look into game related statistics and find out the most popular games on Steam. In our 24 hour test, the most popular game was Dota 2 with 805,547 players online! On the second place was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with 478,214 players and on the third place Team Fortress 2 with 44,541 active players. Other active games on Steam are Grand Theft Auto V, Sid Meier’s Civilization V, ARK: Survival Evolved, Garry’s Mod, Football Manager 2016 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. So, next time when you use your free steam wallet codes grab some of those games as they have many players that guarantees intense multiplayer fun.

Video cards, VR headsets and funny numbers

Steam statistics also shows some other interesting data like the types of video cards that are used, or number of VR sets. When it comes to video cards Nvidia is champion with 57,61%  while ATI has only 21,11% , Intel 11,21% of all used graphic cards. According to those statistics, the most popular VR headset is HTC Vive with 66%, Oculus Rift in next with 27,11% and so on. If you want to be in current trend, here are interesting data from this month – the most popular OS on Steam was Windows 10 64 bit – 42.94%,  most users have 8 GBRAM, VRAM 1024 MB and primary display resolution of 1920 x 1080. 29.92% of Steam users have multiple monitors and 64% are using steam wallet code generator.

Download pandemonium!

When it comes to download statistics on Steam, all we can say – it is real chaos! Just see this – the average download bandwidth in last 24 hours was 4 Tbps per second! Every second users download 4000 Gigabytes from Steam servers!  When it comes to country analysis, North America is leader with 1.2 Tbps, Europe is second with 656.7 Gbps, then comes Asia with 543.4 Gbps, Russia 326 Gbps and South America with 191.4 Gbps. Next time when you start to criticize Steam for slow download or lag, have those numbers in mind! Remember that besides you millions of users are using steam wallet codes and downloading data from Steam servers, therefore some patience is surely helpful.